Related Organizations

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This section contains links to relevant long-term care organizations that could be useful for your and your loved one’s journey through long-term care, including residents’ and family councils. 

AdvantAge Ontario
AdvantAge Ontario is the trusted voice for senior care. We are community-based, notfor-profit organizations dedicated to supporting the best possible aging experience.

Alzheimer Society of Canada
Mission: To alleviate the personal and social consequences of Alzheimer’s and related diseases and to promote the search for causes, treatments, and a cure.

Canadian Association for Long Term Care
They are the national voice of long-term care delivering resident-centred care services to seniors across Canada when they can no longer live at home.

Family Councils Ontario
Family Councils Ontario works with long-term care home residents’ families, Family Councils, and home staff across Ontario to enable them to cultivate positive relationships, build effective Family Councils, and improve the long-term care experience.

Ontario Association of Residents’ Councils
A non-profit association providing a network to strengthen the voice of residents living in long-term care through their respective Residents’ Councils.

Ontario Long Term Care Association
An association committed to advancing the quality of long-term care services in Ontario through influencing policy and providing educational opportunities.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
The official ministry of Ontario for Health and Long-Term Care.

Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility
Helping seniors and people with disabilities stay independent, active, and socially connected. 

National Seniors Strategy
The demographic shift in Canada prompted the publication of the first version of the National Seniors Strategy (NSS 2015), recognizing that Canada’s policy response to an aging population was lagging.

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