A Day in the Life of a Personal Support Worker

On a light blue background, a yellow stethoscope encircles two red hearts. A non-medical mask lays flat on the top right corner. On the viewer's bottom right, a hand reaches out with a red paper heart.

Transitioning a loved one into long-term care can be nerve-wracking—your loved one is entering an unfamiliar space with unfamiliar people. It can be even more so when you’re unsure of what their day-to-day life may look like. Our team member, Dania, is a PSW. This section will walk you through what a typical day for Dania looks like working in a long-term care home. We hope to familiarise you with the inner workings of long-term care and bring some comfort to you, knowing your loved ones are in good hands. 

A Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom Project

Team K – Project 61
York University
Toronto, Ontario