Insider Look

In front of a brown background, a pair of black binoculars rests on a flat surface.

To better understand and connect with the perspective of those providing care for your loved one, meet Dania and her story as a Personal Support Care Worker. Through her story, you will get insight into her day-to-day life depicting the challenges, and hardships, but also celebrating the achievements and joys of her job interacting and caring for your loved one. 

We hope her story helps you better connect with the frontline workers’ perspective and provides a realistic outlook of the challenges and the rewarding experiences.

We also have compiled positive stories from individuals whose family members were/are involved in the long-term care home process. We hope that these stories illuminate the positive impact that the long-term care system and its workers have on the community.

A Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom Project

Team K – Project 61
York University
Toronto, Ontario