Our Project Development

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  • SEPTEMBER 2021

    Our group of 8 first comes together, excited to tackle a new project and engage in the Cross Campus Capstone Classroom.


    After many conversations and leveraging on our team member’s first-hand experience working at an Ontario long-term care home, we decide to work towards creating a scheduling app to help improve working conditions.

  • JANUARY 2022

    Our team had many meetings with both the C4 teaching team and the project partners to discuss the feasibility of the scheduling app. Both the teaching team and project partners had a hard time understanding how this app would address our project question and improve conditions in long-term care. 

    As a team, we decided it would be best to overhaul the scheduling app idea and begin brainstorming a new project idea. We were discouraged, but we knew this was the best path to take. During this time, our team also faced another challenge – a team member decided to leave C4. We were faced with coming up with a whole new project, while also being down a team member. Our team knew that taking both these challenges head-on would make or break us. Coming together as a team during this time was vital to our success, and to being able to produce a meaningful project. Both the teaching team and project partners encouraged us to keep pushing through these adversities and emphasized trying to bring a positive light to long-term care in Ontario. 

    We brainstormed and proposed many different ideas, however, we encountered numerous hurdles that would have made those ideas impossible.

  • FEBRUARY 2022

    Through these discussions, we were able to propose the idea of a Long-Term Care Toolkit in the form of a website, which would provide support for family members of residents in long-term care. One of the main focuses of the project would be a page that highlighted the positive experiences of residents and family members who interact with the long-term care system. 

    We were finally able to get started on creating a tangible project!

  • MARCH 2022

    Research for our toolkit and the beginning stages of website building began! We spent a lot of time searching for resources for advocacy, art therapies, residents councils, and the best website hosting service for our needs. We also set out to collect as many positive stories about long-term care as we could! 

    The long-term care toolkit was slowly coming together! 

  • APRIL 2022

    We are so excited to present our Long-Term Care Toolkit, which is ready to serve both long-term care residents and their family members. 

    Our time with the Cross Campus Capstone Classroom comes to an end, but we hope our project can live on and make an impact on the lives of residents and families. 

Team K Presents Ontario Long Term-Care 101: A Resource for Families of Residents. 

Our Focus: To empower families of LTC home residents to be more engaged and knowledgeble about the process their loved ones are going through.

Main Deliverable: Creating ontarioltc101.ca as a toolkit. 

Positive Stories: Media coverage is focused on the negatives, especially during the pandemic. There is a bright side to every story, we want to shed light by providing family testimonials.

Community Impact: A day in the life of a personal support worker gives insight. Links are provided to give ways to get involved, like volunteer positions. 

Helping Families: Links to family resources. Education provides research on different simple therapies to use in LTC. Links to mental health resources. Links to Resident's rights and advocacy.

A Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom Project

Team K – Project 61
York University
Toronto, Ontario