Our Focus

An abstract illustration with two hands in a cupped shape.

The focus of our project is to empower families of LTC home residents to be more engaged and knowledgeable about the process their loved ones are going through.

The real-world challenge that we are solving is, “How can resident care and the working conditions of staff be improved in long-term care homes in Ontario?”

After many months of tried and failed efforts, deliberation, and hard work, we finally arrived at creating a virtual toolkit that will give families educational resources to get more involved in long-term care and ease the frustration and isolation that coexists in long-term care. 

With the help of The University Women’s Club of North York as our partner, our goal is to have this toolkit educate families on the process they and their loved ones will be going through. This will allow families to work in tandem with LTC workers with a comprehensive understanding, thereby relieving some pressure off of LTC workers.

We also knew that there is mostly a negative attitude towards long-term care homes in Ontario and across Canada. We wanted to create a more positive perception surrounding long-term care homes in the GTA. We hope to do this by gathering positive experiences from people that have family members present in long-term care. By doing so, we hope to improve the quality of life and wellness of LTC workers and residents’ families.

A Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom Project

Team K – Project 61
York University
Toronto, Ontario