LTC Homes Integrating Arts Therapy

Baycrest Centre

The Apotex Centre, Jewish Home for the Aged is a 472-bed long-term care facility that provides a range of residential and specialized programs. They offer art and music therapy.

Belmont House

“Through the guidance and mentoring of a professional artist, the Art Therapy program at Belmont House encourages and supports residents as they explore and develop their creative talents in a personally meaningful and rewarding way.
Every year, we professionally display the artwork created by our residents in the very successful “Belmont House Art Show”. The Show is a wonderful opportunity for all members of the Belmont House community to share in their appreciation of the beautiful work created by the residents. It is also a wonderful way for residents to share the results of their new talents and capabilities with family and friends.”

Eatonville Care Centre

Recreation programs offer the opportunity to build self-esteem, maintain social contacts and community relationships, develop new friendships, recreate past knowledge and create new learning opportunities that contribute to the well-being of the resident.

Ottawa – Glebe Centre

The Glebe Centre has a wide variety of arts and music therapies and programs including Java Music Program, Montessori for People with Dementia, art programs, Music and Memory, and exercise programs.

O’Neill Centre

The O’Neill Centre provides art and creative pursuits, programs that help residents with dementia to rediscover old skills, cultural events, music clubs, and fitness activities.

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